video art


Exploring the dreamlike catacombs of the human subconscious, from erotic desire to existential despair through short experimental films.


as good as it gets

direction, video production, choreography

november 2018

My favorite thing about dreaming is sleeping. My favorite thing about being 23 is that nobody cares. Reminder: Heaven and Hell exist if they exist in your head. Reminder: it doesn't get any better than this.

Assistant Director: Dira Djaya
Dancer: Tory Kolbjørnsen

Music by Jacob Katsiaficas  and Sam Ray 




creative direction, video production

May 2017


Through the lens of an uncanny, disorienting dreamscape, 'kafkaesque' is a subconscious adaptation of reality and an exploration of millennial youth—effervescent and fleeting, yet grounded in a deeper foundation of existential dread, self-doubt, and internalized trauma. I was drawn to the idea of metaphorical flowers blooming out of concrete, of drawing beauty out of the mundane, as well as thriving as humans despite the struggle. 

Screened at ART IN FLUX Experiments in Media Arts (London, UK), Polykhroma: Utopia/Dystopia (Somerville, MA) and Apple Jam Presents: Spring Thing (Somerville, MA). 


Music by The Strokes, Kendrick Lamar, and SZA



Experiment 0002 -- Queen Street Rats

creative direction, video production

August 2017


A video installation created in collaboration with NYC-based streetwear collective, Queen Street Rats, for their inaugural exhibition at VFILES.

Through heavy digital distortion, layer blending, and careful juxtaposition of original and found footage, ‘Experiment 0002’ is a virtual manipulation of contemporary reality—a psychedelic manifestation of our collective needs and unconscious desires.


Produced by Queen Street Rats

Music by Jamie xx, Mura Masa